Settling a Motorcycle Accident Case

Settling an injury lawsuit or an insurance claim can be tricky because there are various factors that can affect how much the case would amount to. It is important to understand what factors could affect or at least forecast the possible outcome of the case in money figures in order for you to be able to put a value on your motorcycle accident case.

First, check the availability and the amount of insurance the defendant has. A settlement may not be successful if the defendant has very few other assets, and you may have to accept a settlement that would be equal to the insurance coverage limits of the defendant, even though it may be lower than the actual amount of damages made. Next, see how both you and the defendant put “value” to the case – this typically means having an assumption on how much the jury would award you (the plaintiff), along with the amount of compensation the defendant can possibly pay. Putting value to the case is generally affected by the extent of damages suffered by the plaintiff and how the jury would see the liability of the defendant in the accident.

Regarding the likelihood of the defendant to be liable for the accident, it is your (as the plaintiff’s) responsibility to prove, with evidence, of the defendant’s negligence that eventually caused the accident. Proving the defendant’s fault plays the key role in ensuring that the settlement or compensation granted by the court will be equal to the damages that the accident caused. Lastly, according to Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, concrete costs such as medical bills and damages can be easy to put value to, less concrete ones such as emotional trauma and pain and suffering can be hard to compute. Since every motorcycle case can differ, it is greatly suggested to consult and have a motorcycle accident lawyer to guide you through the whole process. An experienced and knowledgeable lawyer may have an idea on how much the plaintiff’s damages would be worth and how much settlement is acceptable and fair.

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