What to Put in Storage

Choosing the right storage unit is an important part of your move. With this comes choosing what to put in a storage unit and what to put in your new home. Although this varies with how much extra space you have in your new home, here are some common items one should keep in storage.

Childhood memorabilia is great to look at when you are feeling nostalgic, but it is not typically often people are inspired to relive their younger years. These items will most likely take up space that needs to be filled by objects of the present, so keeping them away from your living space without actually throwing them out is your best bet. The nostalgic feeling will only increase after having it away in storage for so long.

If you still want to keep all of your old furniture but are downsizing, do not stress about being able to fit all of it in your new living space. It’s tough to be happy when you feel crowded in. However, you never know when you may need the furniture again, whether it is to give to a friend, sell for extra cash, or need for future homes. Your best bet is to keep your excess furniture in storage.

Keeping accessory vehicles such as four-wheelers, boats, or extra cars at your home takes up space you can use for things you will need at momentary notice. They also hinder your ability to entertain your friends at home due to the mass amounts of space taken up in your garage or on your sidewalk or street. These vehicles are usually used for planned excursions anyway, so keeping them in a relatively close storage space will not be an inconvenience.

Storage space may cost you a little extra money, but the pros of it easily outweigh the cons, especially if you have too many things and not enough room.