Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice

Everyone wants to look good and get rid of those love handles and spare tire. Unfortunately, it is not easy to lose those last few extra pounds even with diet and exercise, and even if you do it is not always where you want it. Sometimes, you just need a little help.

Liposuction vies with breast augmentation as the top cosmetic surgery procedure in the US. In 2012, it was almost an even split with more than 600,000 people undergoing one type of surgery or the other. It is not really surprising that so many people would opt for the surgical solution to a better body. Contrary to the rash of celebrity horror stories of botched cosmetic surgery hitting the headlines, these procedures are inherently safe and medical malpractice in cosmetic surgery is more the exception than the rule.

But like with any kind of surgical procedure, it depends on who does the deed. Although the most expensive is not always the best, you should not choose a doctor based simply on price. You need to find a doctor with a good track record of success. If you have friends or family members who have undergone a similar procedure, get their feedback on their experience. Do your homework and check out the doctors who are on your shortlist for any record of malpractice or misconduct. You want to make sure that you have a reliable professional performing your liposuction because it makes no sense to gamble with your physical well-being.

Liposuction is a good option for someone who is in good health and no more than 20% over their ideal weight. There are many new types of liposuction available today and the procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis with no need for general anesthesia, so it is as safe as can be. The costs depend on the area of the body the procedure will be performed on, but since the best clinics can accommodate the procedure in-house with just local anesthesia, the total cost is reduced.