Are Amusement Parks Really Dangerous?

There is something about the thrills of an amusement park that entices both excitement and fear.

From the taste of metal in your mouth while you can’t help but scream as the rollercoaster you’re on speeds on and loops and rises only all too slowly and only for all of it to drop faster than Greece’s GDP to the mixed calm and adrenaline from being so high up in a ferris wheel but how soothing the gentle mechanical movement of it all is. From the lights and music that inspires something sweet and nostalgic from the carousels to the unending amusement that bumper cars have to offer. In a place designed for fun, happy memories, and excitement – it is hard to think that anything bad can happen in a place like this.

Unfortunately, thanks to the negligence of some people, incidents like this are more than just possible. They have happened before, even.

Amusement parks are held to a certain standard of care due to the potential threat that their rides and attractions can cause if not properly maintained or manned. It is not, after all, your responsibility to ensure that the premises that you enter is safe for you. The park’s management and administration should be held accountable for any injuries caused by malfunctions or negligence while you are on the grounds of the park. The branch of the law that covers your case in this, according to definitions stated by the website of the people with Williams and Kherkher, is the one of personal injury.

Technically speaking, “personal injury” is defined as any injury (physical, emotional, and/or mental) that is caused to a person due to the negligence of another party. The intent is irrelevant as the party that caused the injury will still be held accountable no matter the variables of intention.

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