The Advantages of a Fuel Card

Truckers live on fuel, and it makes infinite sense for them to carry a fuel card for a plethora of reasons. This is why full-service freight factoring companies such as TBS Factoring offer it as part of their packages.

Fuel cards are just as good as cash. Many of the better known fuel card service providers such as Comdata and FLT are accepted in major gas stations and truck stops in all parts of the US for a small transaction fee. Moreover, a fuel card is not as negotiable as cash; if you lose a fuel card, you can instantly have it cancelled. If you lose cash, that’s the end of the story.

Fuel cards usually come with rebates and discounts. Using the card to make fuel and other purchases translates to considerable savings that increase with use that just doesn’t come when using cash or credit cards. The more popular fuel cards are accepted in thousands of establishments with attractive incentives.

Fuel cards come with fuel management tools. Internet-based fuel cards provide access to real-time money-saving information such as the best truck stop and gas stations with the lowest prices. It also allows fleet owners to manage fuel use, expenses, invoicing, reports, and many accounting applications.

Fuel cards make it convenient to get money fast. Most fuel cards allow users to make a check or cash advance for a minimal fee. This can come in handy in an emergency, such as purchasing a tire or having repairs made.

Fuel cards are a good way to get factoring payments. Factoring companies with a tie-up with fuel cards can provide the option of making payments for the loads they factor into the cards for their clients. This typically translates to smaller remittance fees.

Cash may be the king of the road, but is it infinitely better (and safer) to bring around a single card than wads of cash while on the road. Whether you are a fleet manager or a truck owner-operator, you will find many reasons to prefer fuel cards in your business.

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